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10 Quick, Easy and Intuitive Tips to Improve your Photography

1. Show Action

Use the shutter speed to your advantage and show action in your picture. If you want to show your subject in motion, slow down your shutter speed. For a clear crisp look at your subject in one moment of action, increase the shutter speed.

2. Into the Looking Glass

Use reflective surfaces like water, mirrors, polished surfaces, and glass around your subject to add interest. Incorporating reflections will bring a whole new look to your shot.

3. High ISO in Low Light

In low light conditions try to take advantage of the high ISO the latest cameras have to offer. You can create dramatic pictures without using a flash. Know your limitations though and beware of noise when you bump the ISO to a higher setting than your camera can handle.

4. Avoid Clichés

When you are getting out your camera to photograph an icon, ask yourself “How can I make this my shot unique or different”? Another version of the same shot that’s been taken by millions may not be worth the time.

5. Focus it manually

In situations where you are very close to the subject or there is very little light, the camera may have trouble auto focusing. Help the camera and your photo by focusing the shot yourself with manual settings.

6. Color creates Mood

Use color to bring out the mood of the scene. Watch the colors and lighting changes as the day progresses from dawn til dusk. You’ll be amazed how fast the mood can swing. Use the picture style style in your camera to bump up the saturation and contrast to enhance the shot. 10 minutes earlier this shot would not have been so colorful.

7. Failure is an Option

Don’t get frustrated when your end results don’t match your expectations. One of the great advantages of digital photography is you did not loose much by trying except some time. So embrace the uncertainty and take the shot. You will learn equally from your trials and your triumphs. I had to take at least 50 shots to get this one.

8. Down on Your Knees

When shooting pictures of subjects lower to the ground, get down on your knees or even the floor to shoot your subject straight on. Take pictures of kids at eye level. Remember that taking the shot looking down on your subject is rarely the best perspective.

9. Panning is Cool

Panning when done right always ends up looking great. It’s a great way to show the motion of your subjects. With a little practice, you can easily master this technique.

10. Patience is a Virtue

Good things come to those who wait. Wait for the perfect lighting. Wait for the subject to move slightly to the left. Wait for the bird to fly away. Wait for the pinnacle moment. Regardless of why you are waiting, patience is paramount to getting the best shot and it’s always worth it.


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