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How to find the best local photographer in Troy, Shelby, Warren, or Sterling Heights Michigan

Ok so you have an event coming up in three months in Troy, Shelby, Warren or Sterling Heights Michigan.. Its special and you want to make sure that you have amazing photographic images after it’s over. Your cousin has a camera and says that she shoots grad pictures and once photographed a wedding…but you are a bit concerned..

You live in Troy, Shelby, Warren, or Sterling Heights Michigan and want someone local. You want a photographer which is affordable and has shot a breadth of events like yours.

So how do you find them?

  • Referrals? – Yes – speaking to someone you know and trust who has used the photographer and had a good experience is the best solution

  • Web search – This is great if you don’t have a personal referral, or simply want to see who else may be available.

  • Use the web and search for “local photographers” . You will immediately see paid ads on the top of the search. These are generally professionals who are paying for key word searches like you just did. Visit their websites to determine if their style is what your looking for and then call for a quote.

  • The next listings are the ones selected by Google based upon location and customer reviews. Often these are my favorites as they are probably affordable and close buy

  • The third group is based upon Google algorithms which gest a lot deeper than I plan to go in this blog

Questions to ask once you have selected probable photographer

  • Do I own the high-resolution images you take?

  • Can I print them myself?

  • Can I call one of your past customers for a referral?

  • Have you photographed the type of event I’m having? (Wedding, graduation, shower, company event, etc) Often teir work will be available on their website or Facebook page

  • Are you available on my date?

  • How much deposit do you require?

In closing if you do a bit of homework you will find a local pro who will deliver the results your looking for.

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