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5 tips to great corporate event photography

Event photography tip #1: Shoot from creative angles If you’re hosting a business event or dinner where everyone is seated, you may have to get creative with composition to get a variety of images.

To keep the photos interesting, keep angles interesting. If there are floral arrangements, you can shoot between them. If it’s at a restaurant, go outside and take a picture looking in through the window. Look at the event not just as a participant, but from an outsider’s perspective, to get a broader sense of the day.

Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to have fun with posed shots. While most corporate events will want a variety of shots of attendees — both candid and posed Trust your photographer’s creativity, and you’ll get images that will endure and stand alone on Instagram.

Tip #3: Avoid red-eye by having attendees turn slightly to the side Event photography

Tip #4: Know before the event how you plan on using the photos To get the most value possible, let the photographer know where you plan on using these images: on your event page? In a Flickr gallery? In social media posts?

Tip #5: Use abstract shots for marketing

While it’s important to get shots of attendees having fun, it’s also important to get more abstract shots that aren’t focused on individuals. This is especially true if you’ll be using your corporate event photography for marketing.

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